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The Road to recovery begins with acceptance and willingness. The moment we learn to accept that addiction is nestled at the root of our troubles is the very moment that we begin the road to recovery. The recovery process is a journey that requires meaningful and supported changes at the most fundamental levels: changes in our way of thinking and changes in our way of behaving in the world.


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Asheville, NC

Recovery Begins Here.

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Our Mission

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What We Treat

Our mission is to deliver cutting edge addiction treatment to our clients and their families. We embrace the continuum-of-care model and strive to collaborate with all agencies involved in our client’s care. Through evidence-based practices and innovative interventions we provide the very clinical services our client’s need to affect the changes required to live happy and successful lives.

At The Road Inc., we value recovery, evidence based treatment, excellence, and person centeredness.


Recovery.  We believe that everyone is capable of and deserves recovery. We support our clients on their journey of recovery and offer comprehensive services to help them meet their goals of wellness.

Addiction is our primary focus; however, it is often the case that addictive behaviors stem from other underlying issues. Furthermore, untreated addiction can often lead to very debilitating mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem and self-worth issues.

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