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Our Core Values


We believe that everyone is capable of and deserves recovery. We support our clients on their journey of recovery and offer comprehensive services to help them meet their goals of wellness.

Evidence Based Treatment

At The Road, we are guided by evidence based best practices. Our staff are educated on interventions from the National Registry of Evidenced Based Programs (NREPP) including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Seeking Safety, motivational interviewing (MI) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).


We are passionate about recovery at The Road. Because of this deep rooted passion, we strive for excellence from your first contact with The Road until you graduate.

Person Centeredness

Every person is different. So, no person's treatment is going to be exactly the same. At The Road, we take a person centered approach and look what each person needs in order to be successful in their recovery. Each person is far more than their diagnosis or their particular challenges. We collaborate with clients to create an individualized, person centered treatment plan.

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