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however, it is often the case that addictive behaviors stem from other underlying issues. Furthermore, untreated addiction can often lead to very debilitating mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem and self-worth issues.


 These simultaneous issues are referred to as “co-occurring” or “co-morbid” issues. At The Road, we perform a comprehensive assessment before developing an individualized, person-centered treatment plan. This assessment helps us to uncover, or “unpack” co-occurring concerns. In addition, we collaborate with families and previous treatment providers to develop a more complete picture of our clients using essential information obtained from these sources.


Recovery is collaborative and holistic. We build a team around our clients that includes a network of professionals, peers, and family supports. At The Road, we treat the whole person using essential therapeutic interventions while maintaining a compassionate and empathic approach.


Addiction is our primary focus;

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